It is my privilege to endorse Harold Owen for re-election to the Burlington City Council in the upcoming election. Having personally known Harold for over 35 years, I know his outstanding reputation in the community, and among his colleagues, for dedicated public service and integrity. He possesses a strong combination of knowledge, ability and experience all of which he has put to good use throughout his career to improve the lives of the residents of his hometown of Burlington. For years with our Recreation Department, ultimately as its Director, his vision for a better quality of life for our residents was at the forefront of our city’s well-planned, fiscally sound growth in its parks and recreation programs and facilities. He envisioned the needs of our community and took action to make them a reality. Because of his impressive abilities and performance, when the opportunity arose, the Burlington City Council selected Harold as the most qualified candidate, among a group of qualified candidates, to lead the city as its City Manager. It proved to be a wise selection. As City Manager for next 13 years, until his retirement, Harold was dedicated to leading Burlington solidly into future. Under his energetic leadership Burlington experienced exceptional progress and growth. Harold’s common sense approach of addressing and meeting our current needs, while planning for and investing in our future needs, made him one of the most well-respected city managers in North Carolina. Following his retirement, Harold continued his commitment to public service when the voters elected him to become a member of the Burlington City Council. Our community and the City Council have greatly benefitted from his vision, knowledge, wisdom, and vast experience. I was happy to learn of Harold’s willingness to again be a candidate. Harold Owen represents the kind of leadership we need as Burlington continues to grow and move into the future. He demonstrated this throughout his career of public service and over the last 4 years as a Councilmember. Our city will be well-served by his continued presence on the Council. I ask that we all come together to support Harold Owen and re-elect him to the Burlington City Council.
Jim Roberson
Retired Superior Court Judge
I have known Harold Owens for over 25 years. Not only has he been a very good friend to me, but he has been a magnificent servant for Burlington, North Carolina. He served at the Burlington Recreation Department, Burlington City Manager and now as Burlington City Council. He has always had Burlington’s best interest at heart and has done a wonderful job at every position mentioned above. Unquestionably, I endorse Harold Owens to continue as Burlington’s City Council. In my opinion, Mr. Owens is the most qualified person on the current council. He has been around for a long time and understands the intricacies of running a city government. He is a proven leader, communicator and a man of action. There are not many “politicians” I can say I trust, but through Mr. Owens’ actions, he has proven that he is truly a man for the people! EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET BEHIND HAROLD OWENS FOR BURLINGTON CITY COUNCIL! LET’S KEEP MOVING BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA FORWARD!
C. Douglas Green
Having known Harold Owen for many years, I have seen first-hand how hard he has worked to make Burlington a wonderful place to live, work and enjoy a good quality of life. When he took the top job as City Manager in 2002, my husband Sam and I really got to know him well. This is when we came to learn how much he loves animals. Over the last 20 years Harold has been instrumental in a continued and steady improvement in the plight of homeless animals, saving the lives of tens of thousands of dogs and cats in our community. His leadership and ability to work with others is a major reason we now have a state-of-the-art animal shelter that has a 93% live release rate. as City Manager and now as a member of the City Council, he has worked to strengthen our police, fire, and other departments, and continues to be an enthusiastic supporter of economic development and our schools. Harold has invaluable experience, a strong record of achievement, and we are all better for his leadership.
Vicky S. Hunt
I write to encourage you to cast your vote for Harold Owen for Burlington City Council. I have been privileged to know Harold for over 40 years and to work both for and with him as an employee of the Burlington Recreation and Parks Department, as a member of the Burlington Youth Council and as a member of the Burlington Parks and Recreation Commission. I have also had the opportunity to work with Harold in his capacity as City Manager. All who have worked with Harold recognize that he is a hard-working, dedicated and loyal servant of the citizens of Burlington. Harold has a wonderful ability to communicate with diverse groups with varying interests and is an advocate for taking action to address concerns presented to him when he believes action is warranted. Harold has a good sense of humor, is practical and is possessed of a great deal of good old fashioned common sense. Most importantly, however, he is a fair-minded individual, seeking to do what is right in all circumstances. In sum, he is a person of integrity who respects others and thus earns their respect. As Director of the Burlington Recreation Department for 14 years and as City Manager for 13 years, Harold became very familiar with issues which impact citizens from all over the city and worked to address these issues in a positive manner. As a current member of the City Council, Harold is an active leader, unafraid to voice concerns, even on issues which may be difficult or controversial. In whatever capacity in which he serves, Harold views his role as an opportunity for service to our community and its citizens. Harold’s experience and his knowledge of our city’s policies and history are valuable assets to our community and to our City Council. He has spent most of his working life serving our citizens, taking calls, and attending meetings or checking on things at night and on weekends and holidays. He knows that it is vital to be deeply involved in the community in order to serve it well. During his present term as a member of the City Council, Harold has shown that he cares about our city and all her citizens. He is a fair minded, honorable, and hard working person. I strongly support his candidacy and hope that you will vote for Harold Owen in both the upcoming primary election and in the general election. Sincerely,
C. Thomas Steele, Jr.
Harold Owen is a champion of Burlington. He has been for his entire life and that is why I am voting again for Harold. From his 14-year experience in the Recreation and Parks Department where he set the tone and vision that still exists today, to managing the growing concerns of a city for 13 years, to serving as a city councilman during the most unusual and challenging times this century, I know that he wants the best for all the families in Burlington. The City of Burlington’s future should not be a partisan one. I want a candidate who will make decisions based on how they will impact us, not whether a political party said this is how they want it. What happens in Greensboro, Raleigh, Charlotte or even Washington DC should not determine what happens in Burlington, NC. We all have a vested interest in our community and I know that Harold Owen has that same interest at heart. A vote for Harold is a vote for all of Burlington.
Chris Huneycutt